Ozan Turgut

Video Editor
Ozan Turgut was born in 1974 in Ardahan's Küçük Cincorop (now named Su Göze) Village. While it was discussed "Was he born in harvest time?" or "Was it snowing at the time?", at the census director's discretion, his birth, like most children in the region, was recorded as the first day of the year.

He went to primary school in Hopa-Artvin, secondary school in Ardahan, high school in Istanbul. He met theater during his high school years. He started professional acting studies with Kartal Art Theater. After a long education period, he took part in the staging of many plays directed by Mehmet Esatoğlu such as Abbas Yola Giden (Rıfat Ilgaz), Bekçi (Muzaffer İzgü), Paçayı Kurtarabilsem (Mehmet Esatoğlu), Fırıncı (Bertol Brecht). Afterwards, he continued by establishing his own theater team (Tiyatro Imge). In this process, after long, experimental and educational work (panels, screenings, acting studies), he performed plays and studies on Biomechanical acting under the direction of Ayşe Emel Mesci.

With the military service, he broke off from the theater and worked in different jobs. He provided technical service at Mikromak Bilgisayar. In the Taksim-Levent Metro construction, he established the security systems and computer networks of the Elektromek Company and Gayrettepe and Levent stations.

He met Enis Rıza Sakızlı while he was doing the maintenance and repair of the computers of Vtr Production Research, today a well-established documentary and film production company, and he started to work in the same company with his proposal. He joined the shooting team after he developed his knowledge on camera and lighting. He took part in many documentaries and promotional films (Balığın Günlüğü, Ayrılığın Yurdu Hüzün, Sokakta, Çöpte Dostoyevski Buldum…). He became an active member of the Documentary Filmmakers Association, he worked at there on various films as a cameraman and on technical issues. He assumed shooting and technical responsibilities in festivals (International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, International Fish and Fisheries Festival, Moonlight Documentary Film Festival, International Golden Orange Film Festival…). Since 2012, he started to shoot his own documentaries, short films and TV shows. He still works as a director and cinematographer in many different projects.