ARBP İntroductory Presentation Video

ADIP (Anatolian Religions and Beliefs Platform) was founded in October 2019 to contribute to the visibility and promotion of different beliefs in Turkey; to promote communication and cooperation between representatives of these beliefs and to inform public institutions and organizations, relevant academic departments, parliamentarians and bureaucrats about our activities. Anatolian Religions and Beliefs Platform considers diversity of religions and beliefs in our country as an opportunity to form a rich common life.

Please find the İntroductory Presentation video below. 


Our starting point was to identify and promote common points of different beliefs, not the areas where they differentiated from each other. ARBP conducts researches, releases publications and performs activities independently of any political and discriminatory view. We are in constant and regular communication and information-exchange with public and non-governmental organizations as well as religious institutions. We prepare content for social media. We organize online meetings in different regions. Our quarterly bulletin, aligned with the goals of the platform to promote ARBP, is delivered to public and non-governmental organizations, parliamentarians, offices of clergy, universities, minority institutions and religious leaderships across Turkey. In every issue of our bulletin, we publish an "Interfaith Calendar of Anatolian Beliefs" for the next period. The holy days of all religions and beliefs in Turkey appear side by side in this calendar with brief explanations. We also promote religious reunions, celebrations and ceremonies in our bulletin and web site, all issues of bulletins may be read from web page:

Our Video Serial interviews "Those Who Carry Our Cultural Heritage" introducing the rich heritage of beliefs in Anatolia and the advocates and researchers of this wealth are broadcasted in social media and web site. The serial, prepared by archeologist writer and guide Nükhet Everi continues to attract great interest from publicity. ARBP’s "Beliefs and Music" Project goes on with periodically shared religious themes derived from belief rituals along with their explanations via social media accounts of ARBP. We are also organizing "Online Discussions about Beliefs and Music" with prominent musicians and authorities of different belief groups. Our conferences and discussion sessions with experts of Jewish, Greek Orthodox, Armenian, Muslim, Sufi, Mevlevi, Alevi and Assyrian religious-music traditions are later published on our web site and YouTube channel. "Traces of Beliefs in Anatolia" online interviews brings together representatives of different belief groups with experts from different fields such as anthropology, history of art and architecture, archeology, theology. Program aim to search details about past and present existence of different beliefs in Anatolia and exchange of cultural values among different belief groups.

ARBP is going to continue these activities and will keep spending efforts for establishing a sustainable ground for interfaith activities in Turkey.