Doğan Bermek

General Coordinator
After his education in Ankara State Academy of Engineering and Architecture and Gazi University, he became an architect in 1971. He did a master’s degree on business and worked as a faculty member. He worked in the private sector in the fields of industrial projects, planning, technology transfer and foreign trade since 1976. He also holds a HBS – OPM25 degree since 1996. Since his high school years, he has participated in activities in Halkevleri, METU Turkish Folk Sciences Community and various Alevi organizations on folk dances, folklore and cultural heritage. He worked for a long time in various NGOs in the Alevi movement. He was the founding president of the Federation of Alevi Foundations (2005-2014) and the founder of the ADO Alevi Philosophy Center (2015). He is still the president of ADO.