Beliefs and Music
Anatolian Religions and Beliefs Platform is introducing different beliefs of Turkey, their representatives and cultural laborers via their music. In our interviews, we talk about the use of music in prayers and places of worship, the repertoire of religious pieces, and the transmission of these traditions. We will host musicians, academicians, and guest moderators, each of whom has served and still serving in the field.

Traces of Beliefs in Anatolia
In this series, we will endeavor to contribute to the visibility of the past and present existence of different faith communities in Anatolia. Representatives of different religions and beliefs that exist in Turkey, foundations and associations managers, NGO employees and volunteers will be our guest speakers. Our guests will share information about the present data, activities and presence of the groups they belong to in Turkey.

Carriers of our Cultural Heritage
ARBP has allocated a special section in its cultural heritage studies for the laborers of this heritage. Our video interviews broadcasted on our YouTube channel have been named "Carriers of our Cultural Heritage". Presented by archaeologist, guide and writer Nükhet Everi, this series features laborers who transfer our cultural wealth from the past to the future, and their work.